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Ageism laws labelled irrelevant in ‘discrimination-proof’ sector November 4, 2006

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The new laws covering ageism which came into force this October, may be irrelevant to the interim management sector where individuals are ‘parachuted’ into companies and public organisations to handle specific high level projects, according to the recruitment specialist, Praxis

“More than three quarters of professionals working in the interim management sector are over 40 – the age that was always branded as the tipping point for ageism before the new legislation came into force,” says Praxis director, Sanjay Gohil.

“But that doesn’t mean there is reverse ageism in place and that younger people are being discriminated against. When an organisation recruits an interim manager it’s because they have a specific problem or opportunity that needs to be dealt with all that counts is the ability to do the job.”

“Because they are so focused on the task at hand, recruiters only tend to see background and abilities, not the age, gender or ethnic background of the person who has them. That’s why men and women are almost equally represented in the sector and why there are a wide range of ethnic minorities represented in the candidate base.

In effect we’re looking at a virtually discrimination proof way of working where legislation may not be necessary at all. In fact the only unfair discrimination we’ve ever encountered is when people have find out that I’m a Manchester United season ticket holder.”

Source: OnRec.com

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