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Anti-Latino discrimination claim might be viewed again November 1, 2006

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The U.S. Justice Department might reopen an inquiry into a claim that the 2001 redistricting plan for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors discriminates against Latinos, officials said Tuesday.

Latinos comprise 47 percent of the county’s population but are represented by only one of the five supervisors.

Joaquin G. Avila, special counsel to the 1,070-member Los Angeles County Chicano Employees Association, recently provided the Justice Department with what he says is new evidence that indicates supervisors packed Latino voters into a single district when two districts could have been drawn.

First District Supervisor Gloria Molina, whose district includes Pomona, represents most of the county’s Latino residents.

Avila’s filing seeks the creation of two supervisorial districts with Latino majorities that would give the Latino community an opportunity to elect a second candidate to the Board of Supervisors, said Alan Clayton, director of equal employment opportunity at the LACCEA.

Eastern Los Angeles County is split among three supervisorial districts and no member of the Board of Supervisors lives there.

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Source: Daily Bulletin

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