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‘Positive discrimination in favour of blacks to continue’ October 31, 2006

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JAIPUR: The policy of racial quotas for blacks in the South African cricket team will continue for now despite criticism from certain quarters, the chairman of the country’s selection committee Haroon Lorgat said on Tuesday.

“Players like Makhaya Ntini or Hashim Amla are in the team because of this policy only. Eighty per cent of our country consists of blacks, but the 20 per cent whites control everything. We want to restore the balance not only in cricket but in every other sphere of life,” Lorgat said. Lorgat, a former first class cricketer and a chartered accountant by profession, is here with the South African team which will take on the West Indies in the second semifinal of the Champions Trophy on Thursday. Lorgat had taken over from Omar Henry and said he would see that the policy is continued for a while.

“It is not that we are ignoring the whites but if two players are of nearly same standard, we would prefer the black,” Lorgat said. When asked about the criticism of former greats like Barry Richards, who have said such policy resulted in promising white players like Kevin Pieterson being driven away, Lorgat said “we have suffered for long at the hands of whites and their policy of apartheid. I myself was the victim and could not play international cricket despite having a decent run in domestic games. We have to get back the just balance.”

“Those who criticise the policy are whites and their feelings emanate out of fear. They are afraid that they would lose under such a policy, but we are not against them. It is just that we prefer blacks when selection matters are close,” said Lorgat, who hails from Gujarat.

Source: DNA Sport 

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