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Blog Entry: The Racist Plays The Race Card October 30, 2006

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An interesting interesting blog post was sent to us which is taken from the blog The American Israeli Patriot. The blog also has some other interestig post about racism

In my past two posts, I brought you the story of the SABC’s unlawful firing of Paula Slier, simply because she is a Jew. Today I will examine the sordid past of the PLO supporter who serves as Managing Director of News and Current Affairs for SABC, Snuki Zikalala. Recall that Zikalala was directly responsible for the firing Paula Slier.

In 2004, the SABC appointed Zikalala as the Managing Director of news and current affairs. Zikalala rejoined the SABC from the Ministry of Labour where he was the Senior Executive responsible for communications and media. Zikalala, a former member of the African National Congress (ANC) with a PhD in communications from the University of Bulgaria, was fired from his post as executive editor of SABC news a few years ago because the department was in disarray. There were also serious questions regarding his journalistic ethics. In 2000, he was openly told not to apply for the position of Managing Director (which he currently holds) because the Board was looking for someone with “business acumen”.

This from “IOL” on Zikalala’s 2004 appointment:

The appointment of a government spokesperson to the head of SABC news has prompted unambiguous criticism as being the beginning of the end of the corporation’s role as a public broadcaster. His appointment, two months after he denied having any interest in the top job, has horrified media analysts and political parties, who perceive this as politicization of the broadcaster.

But on Saturday night Zikalala was scathing of his detractors, saying if he was a white person, the same concerns would not have been raised.

(How typical!! The racist plays the race card!! J.T.)

“The post was advertised and I went through an interviewing process about three weeks ago. I was chosen on merit, not because I’m an ANC lackey.”

Current and former employees who worked under Zikalala described his management style as “dictatorial” and said signs were that several resignations would be tendered as a result. Democratic Alliance communications spokesman Dene Smuts described Zikalala’s previous tenure at the SABC as “the lowest point in its post-1994 corporate life”. Veteran journalist and editor Allister Sparks said Zikalala’s appointment was a “retrogressive step” that harked back to the days when the SABC was under apartheid control.

More Zikalala hanky-panky from Wikipedia:

A throwback to the Apartheid days, many people believe the SABC to be the ‘Mouthpiece of Government’, as the previous ruling party often used the SABC as platform to broadcast propaganda to the nation. Despite a change in government, this public perception was reinforced when, in August 2005, the SABC came under heavy fire from non-affiliated media and the public for failing to broadcast a scene whereby Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka was booed offstage by members of the ANC Youth League, who were showing support for the newly-axed ex-Deputy President, Jacob Zuma.

Rival broadcaster eTV publicly accused SABC of ‘biased reporting’ by failing to show the video footage of the humiliated Deputy President, but Snuki Zikalala, Head of News and ex-ANC spokesperson retorted by stating that their cameraman was not present at the meeting, a fact later falsified by released eTV footage showing the SABC cameraman filming the incident.

SABC’s government connections also came under scrutiny when, in April 2005, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe was interviewed live by Zikalala. The interview held was deemed by the public eye to have side-stepped ‘critical issues’ and controversial questions regarding Mugabe’s radical land-reform policies and human rights violations.

In May 2006, the SABC was accused of self censorship, when it decided not to air a documentary on South African President Thabo Mbeki, and in early June requested that the producers (from Daylight films) not speak about it. This has been widely criticized by independent media groups. In response, The International Freedom of Expression eXchange issued an alert concerning the SABC’s apparent trend toward self-censorship.

In June 2006 the International Federation of Journalists denounced the canceling of the Thabo Mbeki documentary, citing “self censorship” and “politically influenced managers”.

Need I say more? When the racist plays the race card, no comment is needed. You can be sure that a copy of this post is on the way to Zikalala for comment. I did email Ms. Slier, and sent her a copy of the two previous posts. She said in her reply that she was thankful for everybody’s support and thanked me for posting her story. Once again I give you the email of SABC. Please voice your protest.


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