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What lessons are we teaching through discrimination? October 28, 2006

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This article mentioned that the Christian school receives no government funding. Given that the Ontario education minister has just announced that character education will be introduced in public schools, it is surprising that she does not see the value in funding faith-based schools which have been emphasizing character education and the obligations of good citizenship for decades already.

Perhaps the Ontario government sees a value in faith-based education after all, given that they already fully funds 93 per cent of faith-based schools in Ontario, attended by almost 600,000 children. Scandalously though, only Catholic schools are eligible and all other faith-based schools receive nothing.

The UN Human Rights Committee ruled in 1999 and again in 2005 that this arrangement is discriminatory and violates basic international human rights law that Ontario formally agreed to uphold. Since all three parties represented in the Legislature support for Catholic separate school funding as guaranteed by the Constitution of Canada, the only fair and viable solution to the discrimination is to extend funding to the small religious minorities that are currently excluded.

What lessons are we teaching by this continuing discrimination?

Source: Ancaster News

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