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Racism on the Ballot: Vote YES on Proposal 2 -New Radio Ads by the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative October 25, 2006

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Update: Proposal two has now passed, please check out our other articles about it:
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Legal Experts: Michigan’s Proposal 2 likely to hold upRadio Spot Three

(Lansing) – Today, Doug Tietz, Campaign Manager of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, announced the release of the radio ad entitled “I’m Proud”. The sixty-second ad features supporter, Brad Gratz, telling why discrimination based on race is wrong..

Jennifer Gratz, daughter of Brad Gratz, was denied admission at the University of Michigan because of strict exclusionary racial preferences. After a six-year lawsuit, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jennifer Gratz and the University of Michigan was forced to eliminate their strict racial preferences. However, U of M has replaced the unconstitutional “point system” with more covert system of race preferences in college admissions.

“What we are talking about is a father’s hopes for his daughter. This is a story about fairness and treating everyone equally, not handing out preferences based on the color of your skin,” said Doug Tietz.

Hear The MCRI Radio Spot Three

Radio Spot Two

(Lansing) – Today, Jennifer Gratz, Executive Director of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, announced the release of MCRI’s newest ad: “I read it. I understood it. I signed it.” The sixty second ad features supporter, Patty Alspach, telling why as a Granholm voter she is voting “Yes” on 2.

Responding to claims that Proposal 2 was “misleading,” Patty Alspach had this fifteen-word letter to the editor published in the Detroit Free Press on September 6th: “I read it. I understood it. I signed it. Now let me vote on it.” Several days later, Jennifer Gratz contacted Patty and asked if she would like to share her thoughts through radio. Out of their conversation came the ad, produced in Patty’s voice.

Hear The MCRI Radio Spot Two

Radio Spot One
(Lansing) — Today Jennifer Gratz, Executive Director of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, announced the beginning of the “Yes on 2” radio campaign. The 60 second radio ad will appear on radio stations throughout Michigan.

“I believe these ads will refocus the debate on the ballot language and whether our government should be discriminating against some of its citizens and pursuing quotas. For far too long proponents of racial preferences have preferred scare tactics over substance. I hope that people will listen carefully to these ads and learn how voting “Yes on 2” will give every person an equal chance to compete based on merit not skin color or gender,” said Gratz.

“During the last 62 days of the campaign I want to encourage voters to read the language and do their own research. Unlike those opposed to the initiative, we are not afraid of people truly understanding Proposal 2,” said Gratz.

The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative Committee ( MCRI ), a Michigan-based Ballot Question Committee, is dedicated to giving the people of Michigan the opportunity to end preferential treatment based on race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin by state or local governments. MCRI will make Michigan a place of equal opportunity for all, not a state that uses discrimination as a tool to create “diversity.” Achieving “diversity” should never be an excuse to discriminate!
Hear The MCRI Radio Spot One

Source: Michigan Civil Rights

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