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Blog Entry: “Reverse” Racism/Sexism October 23, 2006

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 Racism is a horrible facet of out society but reverse-racism is just as negative.

By reverse racism (or even reverse-sexism) I refer to when a person or group that is a part of a minority is shown favoritism and “assisted”. For example, I am on a board that gives out money to student organizations at my college. A black student group came in and the chair and the other board members gave them more money than we would have if they were a non-minority group. We also made things easier for them. This happened because the board was tired of getting discrimination charges piled against it.

The problem is that we didn’t take race into account when we gave out money last year. We tried to treat everyone equally. There are about 500 organizations that can ask us for money and we have a limited amount of money to give. We try to give it out fairly and we get called “racists” because we didn’t make it easier for minority groups. This hurts the whole campus because it makes it harder for other organizations to fairly get money from us. Many people were unhappy about the limited funds they were given, but only minority groups could use the protest of “discrimination”.

Another issue is reverse-sexism. By that I mean when a woman is favored over a man, not because she is more qualified, but because she is a woman. A woman should get promoted because she is best for the job, not because she is a woman. Promoting a woman or minority that is unqualified hurts the whole company. It also hurts women and minority’s by creating a stereotype that women and/or minority people are only promoted because of there race and sex.

If America promotes the individual, why are we clumping everyone into groups?


Disclaimer: I am going to hope that people don’t assume that I am racists because of this post, because I am far from it. Most of my friends aren’t even from the U.S. (as International Studies major I have met many International Students). I am personally just tired of people using race or sex as an excuse in everything from law to colleges to everyday life.


 Reader response:

 No, no assumptions from me.

I am quite inclined to agree with you, actually. I do not like these favorings simply because certain people are of so-called “minority” groups. I almost scoff at the idea of minority groups in the United States anyway. My school has many Hispanics and African Americans, close to the number of Caucasians, as a matter of fact. I also can’t buy that females are a “minority” because there are so many of us. Honestly, there is hardly a concept of “minority” in this country with the exception of very, very few. The idea of “minorities” is itself a minority.

As such, the types of occurrences which you described are outdated and full of rubbish, just like Affirmative Action. It isn’t fair that we should favor “minorities” because of their “minority” status. What should matter (for specifically financial aid or scholarships) are things like academic ability, talent, civic activity, and/or financial need. What does it matter whether you’re giving money to someone whose skin is brown, yellow, or white? These types of things should essentially be “colorblind” when it comes to race.

I also don’t believe women need any help. As a female, I can confidently say that I can do just fine and dandy on my own. I don’t need to be favored by anyone to prove what I can do and succeed in the world, and anyone who believes otherwise is an ignoramus. Women can be, and are, just as capable as men, and at the same things. In case no one’s noticed, women have managed to become PMs and hold other positions of governmental power, just like women started writing and publishing on their own and against all odds without help from most, if any. The idea that women need extra help because they are too weak or incapable is a myth.

“Men become civilized, not in proportion to their willingness to believe, but in proportion to their readiness to doubt.”

“Freedom of press is limited to those who own one.”

H. L. Mencken

 Source: ProgressiveU.org

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