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Racist Graffiti Found at Surgery October 19, 2006

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Police are now investigating the attack at Spring Hall Surgery, Halifax, which is believed to be a backlash in the row over Muslim women wearing veils in public.
The graffiti included obscene anti-white messages.

Carrie McLaughlin, manager at the surgery, said the slogans, which include the phrase ‘say yes to hijabs’ were discovered on the door and walls after the weekend.
She said: “We’ve never seen anything like this before. The fact it mentions the hijab could be some indication of someone getting fired up about what’s been in the news recently.

“We have two Muslim women working at the practice and they are particularly favoured members of staff.
“We have no idea why we have been targeted. We have a 25 per cent Asian community here.
“Staff and patients are all shocked. We have been trying to remove as much of it as possible but it’s proving difficult.”
Victoria Pickles, communications manager at Calderdale Primary Care Trust, said: “We are saddened to learn of the damage. This is an unprovoked attack and we will support the practice and the police in their investigations.”
The storm over veils hit the headlines when former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said he felt uncomfortable talking to women when he could not see them fully. The row intensified when teaching assistant Aishah Azmi was suspended from a school in Dewsbury after refusing to remove her veil in class.

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Source: Halifaxtoday.co.uk

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