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Racial discrimination against whites in South Africa October 7, 2006

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After years of black Africans fighting racism in South Africa, now white students there are claiming that the government is discriminating against them. And now, they’ve decided to protest in an unusual way.

Students in Pretoria blacken their faces to protest what they see as the lower status of whites in modern South Africa. The group of eleven then registered as Africans with the South African department of labour said that it gives them a better chance of gaining employment.

Ernst Roets, student leader, said: “People are being driven to the point where they say well, we have no option left. We can’t get a job in South Africa. We are being discriminated against. We have to leave the country and see whether we can make a living for ourselves somewhere outside.”

The students have appealed to everyone born in the South Africa to register for employment as African, rather than other options viz. white, coloured or Indian.

Roets further added:”Being an African just gives you so much more privileges, and it has come to a point where if you are not an African, then you are treated as a second class citizen.”

South Africa experienced 46 years of white rule during the apartheid era. The country’s first multi-racial elections took place in 1994.

Source: Times Now

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