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Student Newspaper Article On Dating Called Racist By Some October 5, 2006

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A student newspaper article is making waves in Twinsburg, with some students saying it is racist and others saying it is just journalism, reported NewsChannel5.”She basically dogged all races. Not just towards African Americans, but Latinos as well. She should give the whole school an apology for the article,” one angry student said.The article appeared in the September issue of Twinsburg High School’s newspaper, and is raising eyebrows and tempers.”I thought it was very offensive to me. And I’m a female and it wasn’t about African American females, it was about African American males. But I still took it offensive. I thought it was rude and my parents were even upset about it,” said student Richele Gaines.The writer asserts certain differences in dating among the different races.Among the claims are “young African American men often approach girls in a more degrading manner than young white American men.” The article also said that Latino men “are fueled by passion,” and young Chinese men are extremely shy and very respectful.

Superintendent Steve Marlow read the article and said that he didn’t think it was appropriate or “within the keeping of the values of this district.”The school’s principal met with the student who wrote the article and with the advisor responsible for screening it before print.”If she does get in trouble I’ll be surprised because she quoted African Americans and that’s what African Americans think. It would be wrong if she said that,” said Twinsburg senior Bob Bartok.Junior Eugene Mer said, “I felt like it was not necessary because I guess it was a little bit prejudice about people’s culture and the way they do things.”There is no word yet on if the advisor or the student writer will be disciplined, but the superintendent has decided to run each edition of the paper through administration before it is printed.

Source: NewsNet5.com

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