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Advertising Campaign: “Racist, Xenophobic and Irresponsible” October 5, 2006

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A WOMAN has branded an advertising campaign “racist, xenophobic and irresponsible” after a hoarding was put up opposite her house.

Jayne Sanders, 47, from New Road, Dagenham, says she is deeply offended by a new Channel Five poster campaign.

The poster, which makes no mention of any product or service, states in bold letters “Nothing Good Ever Came Out of America.”

Mrs Sanders said: “My sister is married to an American and I find this banner extremely xenophobic.

“My daughter came home from school and saw it and was extremely offended by it as am I. This is an age where we are trying to promote equality from the classroom up and yet we have irresponsible hoardings like this going up across the borough.”

Source: BDPost.co.uk

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