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NAACP’s President, Bruce Gordon, Makes Racist Comments On CNN’s Lou Dobbs Show October 3, 2006

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[Bruce Gordon]

This site has reported in the past on the blatant racism within the NAACP toward Blacks. Yet, it still came as a shock to many viewers from around the country when the president of the NAACP, Bruce Gordon, was caught on national television making racist comments on the Lou Dobbs show. Bruce Gordon said:

Once again, the fact is that while we might not see the blatant type of lynching from trees that we once upon a time did see, the fact of the matter is there are 21st century kinds of lynchings that happen.

There’s a tenant in Stillwater, Oklahoma, who was killed at point blank range by his landlord. And that landlord — obviously, a white landlord, a black tenant — was acquitted by an all-white jury.

Source: The Lou Dobbs Show

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