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Black Leader May Quit After Accusing Mtl Cops of Racism in Alleged Rape Case August 14, 2006

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The longtime head of a black rights group says he may resign for suggesting Montreal police were racist in their handling of an investigation into the alleged gang rape of a young woman.

Dan Philip says he went too far last week when he accused the police of racism because the five men arrested were black while no charges were laid against a white man.

Philip faced a flurry of criticism, even from members of his community, for suggesting a video showed the sex was consensual.

He will decide on his resignation after meeting Wednesday with the executive of the Black Coalition of Quebec.

Philip says he reacted poorly and should have been more sensitive to the violence that women are subjected to.

Still, Philip says he won’t apologize as was demanded by the head of the union representing Montreal police officers.

Source: Yahoo News

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