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MTV Cartoon Labeled ‘Racist & Crude’ August 9, 2006

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New MTV cartoon Where My Dogs At? has come under fire from leading African-Americans, who have branded the show “misogynist, racist and crude.” The critics are incensed by an episode that features black women tethered with leashes and relieving themselves on the ground like dogs – particularly as the episode aired at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday July 1 on MTV2 in Los Angeles.

In a statement released this week by MTV’s parent company Viacom, whose president Christina Norman is African-American, the show is defended as a “social satire.” Viacom states the “Woolfie Loves Snoop” episode was “in fact a parody of an actual appearance Snoop Dogg made where he was accompanied by two women wearing neck collars and chains.”

However, New York Daily News columnist Stanley Crouch, who is African-American, has labeled the episode “misogynist, racist and crude,” and criticized MTV in general for broadcasting gangsta rap videos “around the world as ‘real’ black culture.”

Meanwhile, Lisa Fager, president and co-founder of the Industry Ears, a think tank of broadcast industry professionals, asks, “Where’s the context in that?”

Source: Starpulse

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