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Jim Welker Sends Another E-Mail: ‘Black Culture’ July 25, 2006

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A state lawmaker who has already apologized after forwarding an e-mail criticizing black hurricane victims is under fire for sending another, similar message.

Rep. Jim Welker, R-Loveland, sent an e-mail to reporters Wednesday with an article titled “‘Black Culture’ Blamed for Hurricane Katrina Woes,” attributed to the Rev. Grant Storm. The article said blacks’ culture instilled a mentality of entitlement.

“When the government doesn’t come and help them, frankly all they do is yap and complain,” wrote Storm, identified as president of Conservative Christians for Reform.

In March, he distributed an e-mail to lawmakers and constituents from a conservative minister who suggested that some black victims of the hurricane were lazy.

Welker offered no apology for his latest e-mail.

“I’m a citizen, and we still have freedom of speech,” he said. “If someone is offended, they can take it up with the author.”

Welker said he sent the message to promote a conference sponsored by the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington.

“I’m not running for re-election anyway,” he said. “They can’t vote for me anyway.”

Welker announced in April, a month after the first e-mail, that he would not seek re-election. He was also under scrutiny at the time over his business involving the sale of phone records and had been called before a U.S. House committee. He declined to testify, invoking the Fifth Amendment.

Rep. Terrance Carroll, D-Denver, said the fact that Welker is not running for re-election does not justify sending the second e-mail.

“He may not be running for re-election, and we can all be thankful for that,” said Carroll, who is black.

Source: CBS Denver

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