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Campaign to ban racist images on popular Finnish sweets July 17, 2006

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Famous ‘Black Finns’ have lent their weight to a campaign to ban racist images on the packets of popular Finnish sweets. A former Miss Finland, Olympic gold medallist, top US basketball player and international pop star have joined Euro MP Claude Moraes who has urged Finland’s powerful consumer watchdog to hurry up and outlaw the offensive pictures. Finland took over the Presidency of the European Union on July 1 and Moraes wrote a letter to the country’s leadership to coincide with this.

At the centre of the row are two of Scandinavia’s biggest food firms.Claude Moraes MEP says in a letter that urgent action is needed in order to protect Finland’s good name in race relations. Nothing has been done since an official complaint was lodged with the Consumer Ombudsman in February. The watchdog has The-Latest that it could take up to 21 months to resolve the issue.

The first Black Miss Finland Lola Odusoga, Dan O’Brien, the 1996 Olympic decathlon champion, basketball player Dionne Pounds and lead singer of Bomfunk Mcs Raymond Ebanks – all of whom have a Finnish mother and Black father – have expressed their opposition to the racist images.

SamboBut the defiant chief of one of the sweet companies at the centre of an international row about the offensive stereotyping of Black people on the packaging of one of his most popular products has told The-Latest he has no intention of removing the racist image. Fazer managing director Jesper Aberg, said: “I feel that we have been wrongfully accused. Perhaps there is something about how other cultures perceive these images that we fail to understand. We are not racist.”


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