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Racism in the World Cup: Is South Africa ready for World Cup 2010? July 16, 2006

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With a ongoing genocide in South Africa the 2010 World Cup is set to be hosted there:

Johannesburg – The 2010 World Cup soccer tournament would hopefully unite the people of South Africa and be the next step in the building of a successful democratic system. This was the message from the local organising committee on Thursday as the soccer focus shifted from this year’s tournament in Germany to South Africa. Danny Jordaan, the committee’s CEO, said after arriving from Germany shortly before the local launch of the 2010 logo that all South Africans should do their bit to ensure the tournament did not compare unfavourably with its predecessor. “We are certainly not behind schedule compared with where Germany was at the same stage in 2002,” Jordaan said. “By uniting the country, we can take the next step to enhance our democracy.”


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