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MySpace Hacked: Racist Comments Posted July 16, 2006

Posted by C.A.R.D in African-American, Black, Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination, Discrimination, Hacked, MySpace, Racism, Racist.

The hacks are occurring through the bulletin section of each individual’s MySpace profile. The extent of the hack is unknown, but as any MySpace user can tell you, in order to post a bulletin — whether real or counterfeit – you must have access to an individual’s account. That suggests that any and all information that a person has stored within their profile, including personal e-mail addresses, passwords, and e-mails, could be accessible to hackers.

The counterfeit bulletins causing the biggest uproar are those containing defamatory racial remarks that would make the grand wizard of the KKK blush. It appears that the three most common racist posts are: “I’m Gonna Kill Y’all Ni**as,” “F*ck All Y’all Ni**as!,” and “Get Out of America You F*ckin Ni**as!”

Each of these appears in the bulletin section — with the user’s name attached as the author of the bulletin. That means that every single one of the user’s “friends” receives this information in connection with the owner of the account, who is listed as the author. Horror stories run rampant about the extent to which people have had to defend their character under these circumstances.


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