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Charge Alleges New Jersey Landlord Sought To Group Tenants Based on Religion and Race July 12, 2006

Posted by C.A.R.D in Discrimination, Housing, Landlord, landlord harassment, New Jersey landlord harassment, Racism, Religion.

WASHINGTON – The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced that it has issued a charge of discrimination against Triple H. Realty, LLC of Lakewood, New Jersey, and two of its employees. The charge alleges that Triple H. Realty and the two employees violated the Fair Housing Act by attempting to segregate tenants at the Cottage Manor Apartments, a 104-unit, six building apartment complex located in Lakewood, New Jersey, based on their religion, race, color, and national origin.

HUD alleges that the owner, managing agent, and onsite superintendent of the Cottage Manor Apartments treated non-Jewish tenants differently than Jewish tenants. Specifically, HUD alleges that non-Jewish Hispanic and African-American tenants were forced to transfer to the buildings located in the rear of the subject property to allow Jewish families to move into the better-kept apartments in the front of the complex. HUD found that the managing agent for Triple H. Realty, LLC, offered Jewish tenants incentives to relocate to Cottage Manor and instructed the onsite superintendent to ask African-American and Hispanic families living in two buildings to transfer to another building so that Jewish tenants would not have to live among African-American and Hispanic families.


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