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Washington Mutual’s Anti-White-Male Ad July 9, 2006

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Scott Harris of The Ventura County Star reports:

Washington Mutual is a $350 billion bank, based in Seattle, that does extensive business in California and is currently running a series of anti-white-male ads. The ads are known as the Banker’s Pen. They show a group of middle-aged white males locked in a pen. All of them are wearing suits and ties, many are smoking cigars and most are balding and pudgy.

The counter to this is the casually dressed, hip, young black male who identifies the penned-up group as “traditional old-fashioned bankers” and goes on to say, “If they think it’s wrong, we know it’s right.”


Interestingly, it is hard to even find one picture of a white male on their website. Yet, under their “Vision, Mission, and Values” page they list that they have the core value of “caring” where they state:

“* We value and respect diversity of background, thought, and style and know they are a competitive advantage.”

Where is the diversity in locking one racial group in a pen?


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